All projects disappeared!!!

Maja S. hinzugefügt 15 Monaten her

I had 4 projects on my citavi account, then suddenly i couldn't open it anymore and citavi required me to log in again. I did so and I just saw a DEMO project, my own projects, including my thesis I have to hand in soon, disappeared!!!

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Hi Maja, I have the same problem. is yours solved yet?


Hi together, this sounds really terrible. :( I hope your problems have been solved by now?

As I am experiencing myself some problems with Citavi Cloud too (couldn't open my projects this morning, as many users) and need to hand in my thesis in about 3 weeks, I was wondering how I can prepare myself if Citavi again has some bigger problems. I already exported my cloud project to a local project. But, for example this morning, also this was not safe, because at some point I couldn't even open my local project to work on it.

Is there any other way I can safe my material, so if there is a crash I can - more or less smoothly - continue working on my thesis? Any recommendations, tipps or something?

Thanks and good luck everyone


Hi Dunja,

I am sorry, i can not give you the solution, but at least my project is reachable again.

I think the problems are due to sever overload, and are always solved within hours.

I think it is good idea to plan some days "buffer" in the end, so in emergency case of need you can still adjust the quotes by hand.

Good Luck!

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