Import assigned categories from a reference to another

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Hi, I'm just wondering how you can quickly assign categories to a new (uncategorized) reference by importing the assigned categories from another reference. It happens to me very often, that I upload to Citavi many new references that can be matched with the assigned categories from an existing reference. I have a very complex categories tree and it is always very laborious to assign the categories to the new references one by one. I tried to copy/paste the category list from the context label (see picture) from an old reference to a new one, but sadly this doesn't there any way to do this?

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Unfortunately it is not possible to copy and paste the categories from one reference to another. There is a macro available to assign categories of a reference to the associated knowledge items and vice versa. But this will not work in your case.

We already have the request for this feature on our internal wish list for future versions.

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Hello Anne,

thank you for the quick response, it's a pity that there isn't such a feature, good though, that it is planned for the future. Looking forward to seeing it in the next versions!

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