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David S. hinzugefügt 5 Monaten her

Once a direct quote has been created, is there any way to edit it to expand or reduce the amount of text quoted?

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you can always edit the text of your quotes by double-clicking on the quote: https://www.screencast.com/t/ycBinxj35c

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Thanks, Anne, but that's not what I'm getting at. For example, say I highlight text on p. 10 of a document, then click on "Direct Quotation", enter the appropriate information in the "Direct Quotation" box, and then save it by clicking "OK". Then, after reading further, I determine that I should have highlighted text on p. 11 as well. Is there any way to expand the amount of text covered by the highlight to include the new text I've discovered, or should I simply copy and paste it into the "Direct Quotation" box?

The significance of my question is that Citavi's powerful citation system won't work as well if I add additional text manually by editing the "Direct Quotation. Citavi won't "know" that the new material is from p. 11, not p. 10 (although I suppose I could manually change that in the page range category, as well).

Just wondering if there was any way to expand the area highlighted in blue in direct quotes, rather than copying and pasting additional text.


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you might edit the highlighted area, but unfortunately this has to be done before saving it:


Once the quotation has been saved, there is no way to edit it by changing the highlighted area. In this case, the text has to be added by copy and paste and the page numbers have to be corrected manually.