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412: The project could not be saved - nothing works

Not reproducible Violeta G. Citavi 6 Comments: 4 Reply 5 days ago by Violeta G.
2 votes

Word add-in cannot be moved

Not reproducible Michael M. Word Add-In Comments: 5 Reply 10 days ago by Sebastian P.
1 vote

Firefox: Citavi 6.1 Picker does not work

Known John L. Citavi 6 Comments: 3 Reply 35 days ago by Jana V.
2 votes

Picker crash after updating Chrome

Not reproducible Yujun L. Picker Comments: 6 Reply 37 days ago by Yujun L.
2 votes

Why does PDF file get sent to Recycle Bin?

Solved Violeta G. Citavi 6 Comments: 6 Reply 41 days ago by Peter M.
1 vote

Changes in Citavi 6 not updated in Word add-in

Not a Problem Francseco R. Word Add-In Comments: 23 Reply 56 days ago by Francseco R.
1 vote

Updating of references in word plug-in

Known Leena P. Word Add-In Comments: 1 Reply 4 months ago by Jennifer S.
1 vote
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