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Navigation Buttons Don't Work

Nicht reproduzierbar Peter P. Citavi 6 Comments: 5 Reply 22 days ago by Sebastian P.
1 vote

Zitationsstil in Fußnoten anders als im Text

Not a Problem Tim R. Citation Styles Comments: 2 Reply 43 days ago by Tim R.
1 vote

Chrome clipper does not send to open project

Solved David P. Picker Comments: 3 Reply 2 months ago by David P.
1 vote

Error when launching Citavi on Mac

Solved Максим Х. Citavi 6 Comments: 3 Reply 4 months ago by Sebastian P.
1 vote

Updating of references in word plug-in

Solved Leena P. Word Add-In Comments: 7 Reply 4 months ago by Jana B.
3 votes

Inserting a table as a knowledge item

NEW Максим Х. Word Add-In Comments: 1 Reply 7 months ago by Jana B.
1 vote

Attached pdf doesn't open

Nicht reproduzierbar Максим Х. Citavi BETA Comments: 1 Reply 8 months ago by Максим Х.
1 vote
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