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How to add Supplementary PDF to references?

Need Answer Kshitiz T. Comments: 1 Reply 20 days ago by Jana B.
1 vote

Import PDF sticky notes as comments

Need Answer Luke M. Citavi 6 Comments: 15 Reply 21 days ago by Al G.
6 votes

Citavi and docxmanager

Need Answer Al G. 21 days ago Citavi Word Add-In No Comments
1 vote

Citavi and Docx manager compatibility issue

Answered Al G. Citavi 6 Comments: 7 Reply 21 days ago by Al G.
1 vote

Adding an indirect quote from more than one reference

Answered Nadja A. Comments: 2 Reply 22 days ago by Nadja A.
1 vote

search in all projects?

Planned sebape Comments: 1 Reply 22 days ago by Aybars O.
10 votes

Manually omit a source from the bibliography

Answered Louis M. Citavi 6 Comments: 1 Reply 25 days ago by Susanne S.
1 vote

Import XML file mapping the tag

Answered Louis C. Comments: 6 Reply 25 days ago by Louis C.
1 vote
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