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License in desktop and software app don't merge

Need Answer Goran Citavi 6 Comments: 14 Reply 5 days ago by Gumis
2 votes

Where to enter IEEE key?

Need Answer Ralf Citavi 6 Comments: 3 Reply 5 days ago by Moni
1 vote

Reference Order

Answered Zhiying Z. Citavi Word Add-In Comments: 4 Reply 5 days ago by Gerald
1 vote

How Can I Find Health Care Dissertation Topics

Need Answer Alex Citavi 6 Comments: 6 Reply 7 days ago by melissa
1 vote

Why You Should Avoid a Loft Bed ?

Need Answer Fsh Comments: 2 Reply 8 days ago by Olivia
1 vote

What's the best way to donate to the Ukrainian Army?

Need Answer Mikle Comments: 2 Reply 8 days ago by Jordan
1 vote

Citavi Pane doesn't work in Office 365

Answered Gleb S. Add-Ons, Macros Comments: 1 Reply 9 days ago by Kevin
13 votes
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