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Pancha W. shared this question 15 months ago

Hi all,

I am working on a project which consists of several files.

How can all of my files connected to Citavi?

For example, when I add a citation that I have cited in another file, then that citation will appear into the short version instead of the full one.

Then, if I delete one citation in a file, then the citation that refers to the same source in another file will change from short one into full one because of the citation in that file changes from appearing at the second time into the first time. Is this possible?

Your help would be much appreciated.

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Hi, Pancha,

while it's theoretically possible to feed one Word document from several Citavi projects, we do not recommend this, because it will inevitably lead to confusion and random changes in the way the citation is displayed. The other way round (feeding several Word documents from one Citavi project) is no problem. You should collate all references you need for your document in one Citavi project and link this project to your document. You can use References > Copy or move to a Citavi project to copy the references you need into one new project.

Best regards