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Nils K. shared this idea 3 years ago
Under Consideration

This is more a suggestion for future improvements than a "problem"... I like the idea of organizing in projects, with groups, categories, knowledge items etc that speed up the writing process once that part of a project starts. It is really a knowledge organizer tool.

However, I often see the need to work across projects on knowledge items and I would like to see a more streamlined way of accessing a knowledge item in a different project than the one I am currently working in. Many times, there are elements in one project that are relevant for other projects. Typically, one might have a project on e.g. research methodology where one encounters issues relevant for that project when working on a different project. Ideally, I would be able to quickly assign the relevant quote (or whatever knowledge item) to the other project so that it is saved there too. It would be very nice to be able to seamlessly add/save into a category in "research methodology" when reading and working on a pdf in another project. Categories/knowledge items would then be somewhat "global" in Citavi and can be accessed from different projects.

I know this might be a considerable development effort, but I genuinely believe it would be a very large improvement that would save a lot of time and streamline the research process.

(Comments are very welcome if anyone else has a nice workaround on this).

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Or, in the same "across-projects-thought": When adding a new reference to a project it could be nice to add that reference to a different project at the same time. For instance, when adding an article titled "Accountability and New Public Management" to a project on Accountability it would be very handy to add it to the project on New Public Management at the same time (instead of adding the article, closing the project, opening the other project, and then add the article again".


Dear Nils,

Your suggestion seems to be interesting and helpful. I often use a "copy to the other project" option for references.


Hi Nils

Thank you very much for your suggestions. I've added them to our internal wishlist. We are aware that working with multiple projects simultaneously (or one all-encompassing project with sub-projects) is a recurring request from many of our users. We are still focusing on Citavi Web at the moment and our limited resources don't allow us to tackle such a rather big change just yet.

Best regards


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