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Michael M. shared this problem 9 months ago
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I am using Citavi (beta). Having issue with Word backups not being done consistently. To remedy I tried some fixes when having a similar problem with an earlier version of Citavi. The Citavi backups are on OneDrive (OD). The citavi project is correctly backed up under the project name folder. Since installing this version of Citavi I see additional back-up files. I have tried 1. Opening Word then the document, 2. double-clicking the doc file first, forcing Word to open. I've attached a directory screenshot. Note a the last 2 backups, 28.09 and 07.10 and corresponding WordPlaceholders.bak files, which are new since updated to this beta version. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.

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Hello, Michael

These additional files are an additional safety net against a bug in Word that can lead to the deletion of all field contents in the Word document. If this happens (and only if this happens) Citavi can recover the contents from these files. They are not meant for opening in Word directly.

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