Why does PDF file get sent to Recycle Bin?

Violeta G. shared this problem 4 years ago

I'm cleaning up references and as part of that I'm opening up the link to my library's database to make sure I have the names and other information correct in the various reference fields. When I click on the reference I see the PDF open in the preview pane. But as soon as I click on the Internet Address in the center pane, when I try to click back up on the PDF file, I get a message that it's no longer there. I then have to fish the file back out of the Recycle Bin and put it back in the Citavi Attachments. How can I make the file stay connected to the reference even though I am temporarily going to an Internet site?



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Hello Violeta

It looks like a bug. We kindly ask for your help in locating the cause of the error:

  1. Open a Citavi project.
  2. On the Tools menu, click Options.
  3. On the General tab, select the Send activity log for error diagnosis checkbox.
  4. Citavi displays a message that logging is enabled. Click OK.
  5. A browser window opens, which you can ignore for now.
  6. Repeat the steps that led to the error.
  7. Close Citavi to stop activity logging.
  8. Switch back to the online form from step 5.
  9. Click Submit.

Thank you!





I seem to have a very similar problem. In my case, the local file gets sent to the RecycleBin folder immediately after I imported a PDF using the function "Add PDF document as reference" in Citavi Picker in Google Chrome. This behaviour does not occur when I add a PDF to an existing reference using the Picker.

Citavi, Windows 10, Chrome 64-bit 67.0.3396.79, Picker Add-in 2017.11.8.21

I sent an activity log with session ID b5f179e9-c371-4b63-97c9-84b350ba7546.

Danke und beste GrüßeFelix


Ich verstehe rein gar nichts :-), ich bin mit der ganzen Attachment-Logik ja nur am Rande befasst.

Wie gehen wir hier weiter vor? Torben, kannst Du am Ball bleiben und dem Verdacht bzw. dem Problemfall nachgehen?


The issue will be solved in Citavi 6.3, sorry for the late solution.

Kind regards,



Solved in Citavi 6.2.6 (Beta): http://www.citavi.com/beta


[Some of you may have a received a notification containing the message: "To recover these issues may contact with ..." Don't follow the link provided there. We have removed the spam message from our forum in the meanwhile.]

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