Where is my "general" library?

Elin D. shared this question 3 years ago

Newbie, and I think I'm just not getting something about how Citavi works.

I want to start my second project: I already have "Dissertation", into which I imported all my references from Mendeley. But now I want to add "Article". I would like to just pick the relevant references from a list of all the references I have. But there is no such place/list?

Do I have to add PDFs from my computer manually? Can I not see my entire library somewhere? Not just one project at a time? I have been trying to find out in the manuals, but I cannot find anything about viewing my whole library.

If this is not possible, then I would have to type in all my vanilla references again - surely this isn't how it works...

Help much appreciated.


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Things to consider with each option

ad 1) Citavi will slow down the more complex the category tree becomes

ad 2) You have to keep things in sync manually

For me, the disadvantage of 2) outweighs the one with 1) but that is an individual call.


OK... Thanks to you both! I will go for the one library, complex category system for now at least.

But - is there a good reason it has been designed like this? Why would Citavi not consider having a master library, where all the references in each project were simply pointers to the master library. Or perhaps not even pointers, but copies. And then you could chose if you wanted to keep the master library and project libraries in sync or not (ie to allow separate knowledge items and category systems - perhaps even chose to sync only reference info and not knowledge items etc.). It seems like such an obvious advantage to be able to have everything you have ever worked with *somewhere*, safe, in one place. I can imagine being able to select references in the master library and click "create project with references" and they would be the subset I'd work with for Article xyz. Etc. There are multiple ways of conceiving such a functionality. Yes - size of library might get unwieldy and might slow things down, or there might be syncing issues that would need managing. But keeping everything in one library and using categories is equivalent to the first. The second could surely be managed somehow.

There must be something I'm not seeing here because in all other aspects I love Citavi - much better than any other reference manager I've worked with - and it seems (so far) robust and well designed.

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