welcome screen project options splits between two monitors

John D. shared this problem 4 years ago


Citavi Build Number:

Citavi Licence: Citavi 6 for Windows (Upgrade Citavi 5) - Home

Support Code: 626-100-YSO41-6K


Default Word Processor: Word

Word Version: 16.0.11001.20074


Word Add-In Version:

I use two monitors, number two monitor is extended. When opening initial welcome screen with the selection of projects I can click on the three little bars to the right and have options for color and so forth regarding that particular project. However, the small window that pops up where all these options are splits between the two monitors. It won't let me move it and I've tried various things such as minimizing and maximizing the welcome screen to no effect. I believe this is a bug. Should you need further information let me know.

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could you please send me a screenshot of this phenomenon?

You can also try to delete the following file:

C:\Users\IHR.NAME\AppData\Roaming\Swiss Academic Software\Citavi 6\Settings\UISettings.cus

Is the window still in the wrong location?

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There is no such path as you requested, nor does the CSU file you want to me to delete exist. I've attached the screenshot that you wanted along with the user's tree. I have also attached all of the CSU files with their path on drive C. I'm running the latest version of Windows 10 insider program. It is the slower insider program and not the one that more than likely has a few bugs. I am having a problem when I right-click on the desktop and try to scroll down to the personalized display option on the Windows desktop. Which is why brought up the possibility of a Windows problem.


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