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Alyssa M. shared this question 2 years ago

Hi all.

I'm considering purchasing a subscription to upgrade from my current free version of Citavi. However (apologies if I can't seem to search the forum well enough!!), this decision is somewhat dependent upon what the timeline is for a Citavi web version.

Is there any update or projected timeline for a release of a web-based/browser-based version of Citavi??

Thank you!


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Well considering that you asked them 15 months ago and I asked them a week ago about this and I still know citavi web that means most likely they are not going to build anything for that platform

I was also thinking about upgrading my license but I gave up because for me online access is very important


Dear Alyssa, dear Ram,

I can hear your frustration as you have already been waiting for Citavi Web for a long time and cannot see any results as the public beta test has not started yet.

Please be assured that our developers are still working very hard on Citavi Web: fixing bugs, improving features that have failed in usability tests, etc.

However, we prefer to ship only after all of our bug and unit testing is successful.

This means, that we are not working against a certain date like a deadline.

Therefore, we cannot tell or promise you a release date yet.

Many thanks for your ongoing patience and understanding!

Kind regards,



well my friend, I and probably many others can not wait for you guys to reach perfection. unlike your progress our needs to move forward in our studies so I am afraid we need to move on to something that actually works.