Vote here if you want a Citavi add-on for Scrivener!

Elin D. shared this idea 3 months ago
Under Consideration

Scrivener is a writing suite that many of us think provide a better way of organising material and structuring ideas than Word. It is a genuine writer's tool and is gaining increasing adaptation and support by academics.

Citavi 5 had a workaround that could be used with it. Citavi 6 does not. Citavi's current position is:

"We understand that Scrivener is an important part of your workflow and that it has worked with Citavi 5.

The current idea could be to offer an additional add-in for Scrivener.

However, we are still waiting for more reactions on the topic from other users."

In other words - if you want Citavi to do this, vote for this idea.

Citavi: as Jen says today that the current idea is to offer an additional add-in, please can you not set the status of this idea as "declined", but "under consideration"? At least until you see if it gets some support? :) Many thanks!


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Great idea!


Such an add-in would be great.


Citavi Scrivener Add-in is a great solution for both Scrivener and Citavi communities :)


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