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Jacek S. shared this idea 4 years ago
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In my opinion Citavi needs one, similar to An option to display knowledge items as configurable index cards (custom colors, and configurable displayed fields - similar to Anki's templates), with drag & drop functionality to order and stack them, display cards in one stack (category) at a time and so on.

It would be great to also have a possibility to print out those index cards (with full bibliographical information) on the printer, because many of us would like to work with good, old paper index cards to organize, group and order our knowledge items. Color is so important in this kind of work!

I would print my cards (knowledge items) on colored index cards and take them with me everywhere (or maybe there can be a complete list of sources with quotes included? I could then print similar index cards using word or excel? Please, add at least this possibility if you do not decide to create visual knowledge organizer soon).

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Dear Jacek,

Thank you very much for sharing your idea.

A visual representation of knowledge items (even with links between them) is something we can imagine for future versions of Citavi.

However, our developers are currently busy with Citavi Web. Therefore, I cannot estimate when or how we will be able to offer such a new functionality.

You can already print your knowledge items as compilation.

Kind regards,



I'd like to add something to this great idea: I would like to have even more options for visualizing my data. A network diagram for instance. It could show us clusters of related papers, heavier lines for frequent citation between people, etc. Check out the visualizations offered by your competitor - it cannot hold its own against your product as a reference and knowledge manager, but my god how amazing would Citavi be if it had these visualization tools!


Dear Elin,

Thank you so much for your suggestion and for pointing us to similar features.

Kind regards


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