Updating of references in word plug-in

Leena P. shared this problem 11 months ago

Hi, I am encountering problem with regards to updating of references in word plugin.

While working on Citavi 6 and word plugin simultaneously, it generally used to get updated when I changed something about a particular reference. For eg. If i edited the font of the title, and clicked refresh in word plugin, the reference got automatically updated in the respective font. But for some reasons it is not working now. I tried restarting Citavi but still no luck. I have just updated to the version

Does it mean that i have to uninstall and re-install the word plugin ? If yes, then would i loose my data (references).

Would appreciate an answer. Thank You!

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Hi, and thanks for your question!

This unfortunately is a known bug that we don't yet have a fix for. In the meantime, you can force the Word Add-In to refresh your changes. In the Citavi pane, click View and then click Reload project:



Apologies again for the inconvenience. We hope to have this fixed soon in an upcoming beta version!

Best regards,