Unable to save PDF file even if the URL points directly to it

Alain S. shared this question 16 months ago

I imported (from Firefox 74 Citavi Picker, latest version from add-on store) the article at https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/pdf/10.1177/1747493017743796 to my Citavi 6 (local) project and some time after I realized it neither saved nor had the option to locally save the file. It shows a "save file" button, but not Citavi's. It's an Acrobat Reader plugin (apparently running inside a browser window inside Citavi; please, oh please, tell me this is not Internet Explorer or anything like it that I see there), whose button opens a save file dialog to choose a folder anywhere in my computer, it's not the expected "save a copy in the project".

This is not a general bug, meaning that it does not occur in every link to a PDF file (it does not occur with http://blogs.gonzaga.edu/gulawreview/files/2011/02/PalchakLeung.pdf, for instance). But it is a permanent bug, in the sense that it occurs whenever a link is structured in the same way is this one is, which means Citavi is not properly interpreting this kind of PDF link.

Edit: I downloaded the PDF file from https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/pdf/10.1177/1747493017743796 in Firefox to manually add it to Citavi. It was named 1747493017743796.pdf, so I quickly searched for 1747493017743796 in order to drag it and drop it in Citavi's window, only to discover a file named 1747493017743796[1].pdf at "C:\Users\Alain\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\IE\I36LECXA". Are you really using Internet Explorer inside Citavi? In 2020?

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Hi, Alain

This is a know limitation of the Firefox Picker which passes on the PDF as a website. We're working on a solution. In order to import such PDFs directly into Citavi, please download them and drag and drop them onto the list of references on the left hand side of the Citavi window. The decision whether the picker treats the document as a PDF or not is based on whether the file name that is served ends in PDF. This is true for the second link you mention, but not for the first one.

Internally, the Citavi preview pane uses the standard Windows system HTML renderer, which in effect nothing else but the Internet Explorer. Citavi is by no means the only current software employing this rather dated library. This, by the way, is what many .NET based programs do. Although the Internet Explorer has a bad reputation (and rightly so), calling it for displaying HTML content is in all likelihood safer than shipping another web browsing library with Citavi itself. The system component receives security updates through Windows Update immediately, any library shipped with Citavi directly would only be updated with the next Citavi release.

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