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David S. shared this question 7 months ago
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Hello, I'm a new user of Citavi and love it so far. However, I am struggling with the following issues:

1. Is there any way to get a preview of what my outline looks like other than inserting everything into Word?

2. I'm preparing a paper that relies on a lot of internet articles as sources of information. The articles are not part of a journal. When I insert my outline into Word, the article is cited in full at the end of the document, but each quote in my outline is simply cited with the author's name and the year of the article. For example: (Wood, 2008). Is there any way to edit that citation. In my case, That author wrote a number of on-line articles in 2008, so that citation form does not distinguish one article from the others.

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Hello David,

Thank you for your quesitons.

1) To preview your outline, plese create a compilation.

2) Most author-year citation styles add letters after the year to distinguish references by the same author and year, e.g. (Wood, 2008a) and "(Wood, 2008b). Which citation style did you choose in your Word document?

Please do not edit the references in Word manually as they are Word fields which will be updated automatically.

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Thanks, Jana. Spot on!