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鹏 常. shared this question 8 months ago
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1. Too slowly to show the welcome screen when starting Citavi. At least 5-10 seconds.

2. Is Google scholar searching possible?

3. Updating the reference details could be done by DOI, ISBN or titles, not only by PMID (when you import some pdf files, no PMID at all).

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Thank your for your feedback.

1. Many users from China have reported slow behaviour when starting Citavi. As our servers are based in Europe, we unfortunately cannot improve the situation.

2. Unfortunately, we also cannot fulfill this requirement because Google Scholar does not allow to be queried by third-party programs. So you still have to search via the web interface and then import the data into Citavi. In our manual we explain the steps of the new beta Picker.

3. Please use this macro to automatically update your references for which a DOI was entered. We explain here how to use macros. Please create a backup of your project before using it.

Kind regards,