suggestion on citavi 6

欣 刘. shared this idea 4 years ago

1. Userdefined shortcut keys. there are lots of functions in citavi, however, many cannot be done with user-defined shortcut keys. for example, we cannot simply import reference with one click.

2. Users can choose to hide the software tips on the quotation panel. since now its the 6th version of citavi. It's distracting when we read pdf on the whole screen mode.


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Thank you very much for your suggestions.

1. Userdefined shortcut keys are currently not on our wish list as this would make it harder for our support team to identify what caused problems and also harder to communicate.

Please use external tools for this, such as AutoHotKey.

2. The option to hide the help texts is a feature which we wish to add in the future, most likely as Add-on. However, our developers are currently busy with Citavi Web.

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