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Nicolas R. shared this idea 4 years ago
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Hey Citavi-Team,

as a student who uses Citavi regulary for writing small papers, Take-Home-Exams or other short assignments, I would welcome a feature which would show me the number of letters or words I have put in my knowledge-base.

Most of the time I do not get a feeling for how much I have yet written on a topic with a glance over my citavi-project.

I can of course export it to word, but this does not prove to be a better sign if I have yet exceeded the limit I got from my Prof or teacher on the task, as citavi exports a whole lot of paragraphs and the like which distor the overall size of my project.

The aforementioned feature could show me on a glance if I have written enough or too much.

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Dear Nicolas,

Thank you for your message.

The word counting option in Word does indeed also count all invisible characters in Citavi's Word fields.

Currenty, you would have to convert your Word fields to plain text to get the exact number.

The statistics in Citavi let you also just know the number of knowledge items: File > This project > Properties >Statistics.

Therefore, we have added your suggestion to add a word count for knowledge items to our interal wish list.

Kind regards,


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