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Patrick D. shared this idea 8 months ago
Under Consideration

Hi there,

Please add in the new beta version and also in the next future releases that Citavi can read ALL the keywords (as it is already in the pop up window) not only the first 3-4 characters.

Let me explain a little bit. I use synonymy when I add keywords to my knowledge for example: time / temporality / chronology / duration

Sometimes I'm not thinking of time, but duration or chronology or temporality so every time I have to click the Keyword link in knowledge window to be able to search for what I need.

I can give you more examples of grouped keywords in order to see the necessity of this feature:

absurdity / nonsense

loss / lack / absence / emptiness

money / economy / capitalism etc.

I really need this feature in the next beta version and I think that a lot of Citavi users in order to keep keywords compact.

Thanks in advanced!

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Hi Patrick,

Thanks for your suggestion!

I have added this to our to do list, so that we can change that.

At the moment we're not actively developing anything in this direction since our main focus is currently the upcoming web version. However, I agree that the suggested function would be useful.

Best regards



I absolutely agree, this would make working with keyword complexes so much easier. Currently I always have to remember the first word in a keyword complex. Keyword complexes are a great way of keeping one's knowledge base organized without suddenly having 10.000 keywords of which many are really redundant.