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I was wondering if there was anyway to support right to left languages (like Hebrew).

Citavi is able to place the Hebrew into the document, but it appears that the punctuation remains as a left to right language, which makes it appear backwards.

I tried to enter the style and rewrite the punctuation while typing with a Hebrew keyboard, so that they would be right to left, but it did not work.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have attached a file for reference.

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It's not possible to work with RTL languages like Hebrew and the standard citation styles offered by Citavi at the moment. Theoretically it should be possible to achieve your goal by creating a custom citation style with a custom template depending on the language of the reference. If the language is RTL, the order of the individual components in the template must be reversed. Additionally, for the page range (pp. 39-49) a custom programmed component would need to be created switching start and end page.

We currently can't officially support such solutions.

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Hi Dear Sebastian

I ,as a member of RTL languages Communities, request that you and your collogues add RTL languages and RTL Direction option to the Software, please.

Arabs, Iranians and others are waiting for your support




That can be very useful feature for me and people as me

I request it too ......................................

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