Retrieve number of citations from Google scholar?

Serena D. shared this question 4 months ago
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I think it would be cool to be able to retrieve the number of citations from Google Scholar. This is possible in Zotero through a plugin:

If I import to Citavi from Zotero the number of citations is saved as a comment. This is OK for batch import of pre-existing Zotero collections; it is too laborious to go through Zotero though if I want to add a single paper to Citavi, and sometimes it's a bit annoying to go back to the Google Scholar page to retrieve the number manually.

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Dear Serana,

Thank you very much for your suggestion.

Unfortunately, we cannot fulfill this requirement because Google Scholar does not allow to be queried by third-party programs. So you still have to search via the web interface and then import the data into Citavi.

Via this import, there is no information exported (in export format ENW) about the times cited.

However, if you perform your search in the Web of Science, the times cited should be imported.

Kind regards,