Restoring backup - folder structure is a mess

Violeta G. shared this question 3 years ago
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I'm getting the error that my project has inconsistencies again, which is something I believe only the Citavi team can fix. I put a ticket in, and hopefully they will address it.

In the meantime I'm trying to restore backups, but the process is problematic because the backups are restored in folders that don't use the same structure as my main project. They create folders within my Citavi Attachment folder.

Is there an automated service or some way that can correct messed up folder structures since I have of duplicate folders where they shouldn't be all in the Citavi 6 directory.


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Hi Violeta,

With Citavi 6.3 project inconsistencies could in some cases not be repaired automatically by Citavi.

This bug is fixed with the upcoming beta version. We will inform you in the news section of the welcom screens as soon as the update is available.

When you restore a backup of a project, the restored project should be saved in the folder C:\Users\[Ihr Name]\Documents\Citavi 6\Projects\[Your project]

It should be in the same folder your original project is in. Where was your restored backup saved?

Kind regards,


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