"report or grey literature" entry type exports "file" field to BibTeX though no mapping is specified

Benjamin H. shared this problem 4 years ago

When exporting a .bib file with an altered Biblatex export filter, the citavi field "Local file" is exported to an empty bibtex field and given a value. This is buggy behavior, as far as I see it. It only happens for the entry type "Report or gray literature", but it could also happen in entry types I have not tested. Please see attachments and don't hesitate to ask for additional information.

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Hi, Benjamin,

this indeed looks like a bug. Could you send me the modified BibLaTeX export filter (.CitaviTX)? You'll find it here %localappdata%\Swiss Academic Software\Citavi 6\Settings\Mappings so that I can check if it's this file that causes the issue? Thank you.

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