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Fabian v. shared this question 20 months ago

I know, a similar question has been asked recently, but I hope you will indulge me this new threat as my situation is slightly but perhaps crucially different. I'm working on a PhD project which in large part based on my Master thesis. Therefore, I used the same Citavi Project (copy thereof) and have copied large swaths of text including references out of my thesis document into my dissertation document. However, none of the copied in references are recognized by citavi as actual references. All their information is already stored in my Project and I'm considered manually going through all the footnotes and just redoing the ref with citavi, however this is of course the kind of "manual" labour I was hoping to avoid by using the program. ;)

I have tried the "recognize plaintext /endnote as citavi ..." . and other options in the Word plugin, to no avail.

Perhaps you have some creative ideas?

Thank you guys for your help and advice in advance!

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Dear Fabian,

Thank you for your message.

Before you have copied the text, were the fields still active (grey) in your thesis document?

If yes, please click "Refresh" on the Citavi tab in Word. Please make sure that they are also still active in your dissertation document and that you have not chosen to insert just plain text.

In case the fields in your thesis document have been inserted with Citavi 5, you are prompted to convert the fields to Citavi 6 format.

Kind regards