Re-enabling Word add-in every time I open Word.

Carla C. shared this question 19 months ago

I usually work with Citavi 6 on two different computers with Word 2016 and Win 10 Professional. I can't figure out why only on one of them I have to enable Citavi add-in every time I open Word. I tried to uninstall-reinstall the add-in repairing the installation of Citavi, but it doesn't work: I find the add-in always disabled.

I suspect I am missing some very silly detail...

Thank you for your help

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Thanks very much for your question! If Citavi needs to be enabled every time you open Word, something is likely wrong with the registry key. You can find a solution for this problem under solution 8 "Incorrect registry value" in the following FAQ article:

Please just let us know if you have any additional questions!

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The suggested solution worked very well, but the add-in disappeared again a couple of times since your kind answer and I had to correct the registy value again. I wonder if I have to do something else to prevent such an error. Thank you.


Hi, Carla

If Word encounters errors during startup it deactivates the Add-Ins it considers responsible for the error. Do you have other Add-Ins beside the Citavi Word Add-In installed?

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Hi Sebastian,

I have other add-ins installed, but I don't load them with Word, because I don't use them. They are disabled. The only one I'd like to load every time is Citavi's.




Hi Carla,

Please repair your Office installation.

This ensures that Citavi can find the correct entries in the Windows Registry when you reinstall it:

Step 1: Repair Office 365 / 2016

1. In Windows, switch to the "Control Panel".

2. Click "Programs and Features".

3. Select "Microsoft Office [version number]".

4. Click "Change".

5. Select "Online-Repair".

Step 2: Re-install Citavis Word Add-in

1. In Windows, switch to the "Control Panel".

2. Click "Programs and Features".

3. Select "Citavi 6".

4. Click "Change".

5. Select "Modify" and then click "Next".

6. Select "This feature will be installed on local hard drive" for the Word Add-In.

7. Click "Next" and complete the setup process.

Do you still have to enable the Citavi Word Add-in when you start Word?

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