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Serena D. shared this idea 7 months ago
Under Consideration

Since I am using Scrivener, I keep both Citavi and Scrivener open as I write. I look at the knowledge items organized in categories etc. and I write in Citavi. It would great to have the possibility to quickly mark the knowledge items with a flag or something like that. I would use it to mark which items have already been added to my draft. This feature could have a number of different applications.

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Dear Serena,

Thank you very much for your suggestion.

Only in the Word Add-in, knowledge items which have already been cited are flagged with a checkmark.

Your wish was already included in our internal wish list for our developers and I have added your vote there.

Thanks and best regards,



Hi, I'm João Mendes,

I was trying to do some search on this and i found that there isn't possible. It is possible for References with flags but not with Knowledge items. So I'm here to support this feature.

One feature that i would like to have too is the one under the "Quotations and Comment tab" under "References" i can type "Show" those items by "Categories", "Keywords", "Groups" and others. I can press "Show core statement and text" but i can't do this filtering on my "Knowledge Items" Tab.

Because the "Subhealding" is not a nested group like "Categories" and so on its kinda hard to keep so much knowledge items organized into subhealdings. Sometimes a new "Category" its not an option. If "Subhealding" was a nested group and those previous filtering ("Filter" and "Show" menu) that Citavi already has in "References" were ported into "Knowledge Items" it was much easier to organize them.

I overcome this by writing on my main citation statement the Tags (or Keywords) to be able to have an overview of the whole picture in that Category. Yes i can sort them by Keyword but if so i cant see what i have left. But there is no need to write Keywords two times if that system was implemented. Yes there is a similar implementation on the right but i need to select them all. If "Subheading" was a nested group would be nice.

Also thanks, this "Knowledge Items" its awesome i've been trying to find this feature integrated within a reference manager and finally found Citavi. At the first time i founded Citavi i didn't realise this feature only some months later with a second search.

You have a good day,

João Mendes.


Hi João,

Thanks for your suggestion.

In the Knowledge Organizer, this filter option is already available:


Regarding the missing filter option in the Reference Editor, we have added the suggestion to our internal wishlist, but can't say if or when we can implement it.

Best regards