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Petr B. shared this problem 11 months ago
Not a Problem

Sorting knowledge items in the Knowledge tab (with no filters applied) doesn't work. To replicate this, go to Top menu -> Knowledge items -> Sort... and select "All knowledge items in all categories" + "Sort by" (chose whatever option you like except Core statement). As a result, items are not resorted.

Another "sorting" problem exists while adding new highlights from PDF as Direct quotation. Under the Reference tab -> Middle panel -> Quotations and comments tab all the Quotations appear in a random order rather then in sequence (as added from PDF). I have to reorder them manually.

Thanks, Petr

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Hi, Petr

This is not a bug. Sorting knowledge items in the Knowledge section of the program only works for knowledge items in categories (or keywords or groups), not for the (All) selection in the left hand pane. There, knowledge items are sorted alphabetically by core statement by default.

Best regards



Hi Sebastian,

Thanks for your comment. Well, I'm afraid I don't understand this selection menu, then...


Nevertheless, I got your point.

Could you please comment on my second question regarding the sequence of quotations under the Reference section? Is there a reason to have those items out of order? Is it possible that reordering items within the Knowledge section influences the sequence in Reference section as well? Thanks.



Hi, Petr,

I agree the way it's put there is not entirely clear. All knowledge items in all categories refers to the "real" categories only. "(All)" is not a category.

Best regards