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Al G. shared this question 3 years ago

Dear Citavi Team,

First of all thanks for your great software.

Citavi can open Epub documents and this is a great feature. I want to ask if there is a way to cite specific page or paragraph number in Epub Documents. Some other epub readers such as Calibre have what they call "reference mode" where they identify the number of the paragraph (i.e. Par40.3, etc..)..

Is there any similar feature in Citavi (without converting the file to a pdf version as this will not provide stable and replicable page numbers for readers)?

Thanks again for all your efforts


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Dear Ali,

Thank you for your message.

Citavi does not assign own page numbers or paragraphs to epubs.

As this number differs between software and devices, we recommend referring to the chapters of the ebook, e.g. (Smith 2019, chap. 6.2.3).

Please add the prefix "chap." together with the chapter number in the field "page range" of the Citavi Word Add-in, see video.

Kind regards,



Dear Jana,

Thanks for the rapid reply.. I will follow you advice.

Best Regards,


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