Organizing references across multiple Citavi projects (best practices)

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Dear fellow Citavi users,

I am aware that the problem of handling large sets of references by breaking them up into several projects is an ongoing topic (I am aware of posts like "All references in one or several projects?"). Still, I was wondering what best practices and workarounds exist out there, particularly when it comes to both bringing things together in one writing project (= one Word file) and keeping things coherent overall.

The main problem is that I cannot combine references from several Citavi projects in Word without creating a new project for that specific Word document. As the number of paper projects grows, so does the number of temporary Citavi projects. Additionally, I have a number of "master projects" centered around certain topics that I use for long term ref and knowledge management. Since we are talking about individual topic-based projects with tons of attachments, tags and knowledge items, I cannot help but get lost transferring content back and forth.

It's just a mess handling one item (reference or knowledge item) that lives, for pragmatic purposes, in several projects. For example, a common problem is that I add information to a reference or knowledge item in a temporary Citavi project, while working on a text. But unless I track down and update that reference in my "master projects," these changes only exist in these temporary Word-document related projects, which will get lost, after I finish the paper and delete the temporary file.

Combining everything into one Citavi project has not worked for me either. Handling thousands of very diverse items and across various topics in one project just gets exhausting. It also slows down the software.

Any ideas, tips, links, etc. that could be helpful here?

Thanks a lot in advance!


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You might want to watch these videos. Although are a lot of things that you already know them is good to watch them to understand the whole idea. For me, these videos were a revelation and helped me a lot!

I put these videos starting form part 2, because part 1 is a comparison between Citavi, Zotero and Mendeley





Good luck


A partial solution would be to re-export the changed sources to the master project. But I believe what you suggest is :

-having the ability to insert a "link" to the source in the master project instead of "actual" independent copy in new smaller projects. Instead of having separate folder for each project, there would be only one shard folder and projects have the same source assigned to each of them unless the user chooses to create another "hard"/separate copy.

-or: having the ability to "merge" the new and original sources without duplication based on comparing annotation and comments.

Both features will help a lot in reducing the hassle of having different scattered versions of the same source

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