Option: Underlining instead of highlighting

Serena D. shared this idea 3 years ago
Under Consideration

I think it would be nice to to give users the option of underlining text instead of highlighting when creating knowledge items. As an example, the option could be available for one type of knowledge item chosen by the user.

I am writing this because if I use different highlights the end result is still visually pleasing as long as I stay in Citavi, but becomes less pleasing when I export to PDF.

Or sometimes I highlight a big block of text for a summary, and I would like to be able to underline a few words or sentences in the preview as well for future reference.

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Dear Serena,

Thank you for your suggestion.

We know that multiple selections of the same text passage are difficult to display. I have added your vote for an easier option like underlining to our internal wish list.

In the meantime, please use the F8 to navigate to the next annotation.

Kind regards



Hi Jana, thank you, what does the "NEW" tag mean? Has this feature been implemented?

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