MLA 7th edition: issue with different authors with same family name

Mélanie Y. shared this question 9 months ago
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I downloaded the MLA 7th ed from Citavi to decide whether I should continue to use the MLA 8th ed. I noticed an issue with citations from different authors who share the same family name, such as Aleida Assmann and Jan Assmann, in the MLA 7th ed.

In-text citations are supposed to appear as such in the MLA 7th ed:

(A. Assmann)

(J. Assmann)

However, the citations incorrectly appear as.

(Assmann, Aleida)

(Assmann, Jan)

I tried to identify the cause of this issue by looking into the Citation Editor (, but it looks like following any of the suggestions would edit *all* authors' name format. How could I have the author's initial appear before the family name only to distinguish different authors that share the same family name?

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Hello Mélanie,

We have just published the corrected version of the style. Please restart Citavi 6 if you are connected to the Internet so that Citavi can download the new style version from our server to your computer.

Thank you for pointing out the problem.

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Excellent. Thank you very much, Jana!

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