Match reference for already imported PDF

Francseco R. shared this question 18 months ago


I am sure this has been addressed somewhere else, but I'm banging my head on this problem.

I see how to:

1. Drag a PDF in Citavi, and have the software automatically match the file with a reference

2. Import a new reference, then search for full text

But I don't know how to:

3. If I have a PDF already imported in the Citavi project with no or very partial reference information (title of the file most of the times), how can I match that existing file to the databases, so that the reference information is automatically updated? I.e. in order to achieve the equivalent of point.1 ?



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Hello Francesco,

Thank you very much for your message.

If you have a DOI or another identifier, you can enter it in the field and click the blue field name (e.g. "DOI name") to let Citavi update the reference information.

After an online search in Citavi, there is however no option to merge the two references automatically.

You could copy the attached file from the "Reference" tab from one reference to the other.

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Ha!, Great, that's what I was looking for: inputing the DOI, and cliking on the blue field name. Great!!