Many missing subscription catalogue items

Robien B. shared this question 2 years ago

On the campus of the University of Stuttgart, one has access to various licensed journals (link says "uni-regensburg" but thats wrong):

Which ressource do I have to add, if I want to search publications from e.g.

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Dear Robien,

If you want to search a library catalog or database from within Citavi, and it's not available, please request it! There are two ways to proceed:

1. Let us contact the library or database provider

Use this form to first make sure the catalog or database isn't already in Citavi. If it's not found, the form will give you the opportunity to enter the information we need to make the proper inquiries. We will keep you informed on progress.

Advantage: Less work for you.

Disadvantage: Even if many customers request a catalog or database, the library or database provider only gets one request from us, making it impossible for them to gauge demand or urgency.

2. Contact the library or database provider for us

Contact the library or database provider yourself and ask them to make their catalog or database searchable from within Citavi. Here is a sample note:

To whom it may concern:

As a user of your catalog/database, I would like to be able to search it from within the Citavi reference management program. Click here to learn more:

Please consider allowing Citavi to communicate directly with your catalog/database. You can contact the makers of Citavi to find out what they need to implement it:

Thank you for considering this request, for your efforts, and for keeping me informed on its progress.


Advantage: The library or database provider lets you know right away if they will grant access to Citavi, and requests from their own customers let them gauge demand better.

Disadvantage: You need to find out who to contact and then write them.

The following online resources cannot be added to the online search feature in Citavi:

  • Meta-search engines (such as the Karlsruher Virtueller Katalog). Most libraries in meta-search engines are already in Citavi or can be added
  • Lexical databases
  • Databases from DeGruyter
  • SpringerLink

Kind regards


Thank you for trying to help me, please keep on doing that! However, instead of answering my question, it appears to me that you just posted the standard procedure for adding databases to citavi.

So here is my question again:

Which of the ressources in the link I posted above do I have to add, if I want to search publications from e.g.

Maybe I am just doing something wrong and I should be able to search articles from within citavi and University of Stuttgart network already? I am new to citavi and the way I know to use the research functionality, there physics related articles are heavily underrepresented with the exception of database.