Make the Word add-in keep its state when you move around

Elin D. shared this idea 3 years ago
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I read and annotate in Citavi, and simultaneously write in Word using the add-in. When I add a new citation in Citavi, and the Word add-in updates, or when I move between the References and other tabs in the add-in, each individual tab loses its state and reverts to having all categories expanded. So for instance, I might have my entire project collapsed on the Knowledge tab, and only the specific sub-sub-chapter I am working on expanded (it's a thesis, it is large, it has many categories and sub-categories). Then I add a quote in Citavi, assign it to the category I am working in, go back to my word document and all categories are now expanded. So I have to go to the top, chose "Collapse all", and then expand the right part, the right chapter, the right sub-category to find where I was every single time. Can it be made to remember where I was? What was expanded and collapsed?

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I was able to reproduce this issue here and have filed a feature request ticket for our developers so that they can check if the behaviour can be changed here.

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