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Serena D. shared this idea 2 years ago

I really like Citavi, it's been a game-changer for me. Still, I wish it was easier and faster to edit knowledge items. If I double click on an item, it takes forever for it to open. If I do Alt + double click or if I go to the side arrow it's a bit faster, but still not that fast.

This is particularly annoying if I transfer the content of knowledge items to Word. It's often the case that Word's spell checker notices something that should be fixed. Now, I can change it directly in Word, but nothing would change in Citavi. If I make the correction in Citavi, the change is picked by the Add-in, and I can then repaste the correct text. This works, and it's better than nothing, but still, it's a bit clumsy and takes time.

Ideally, I should be able to edit directly in the Add-in and have the change transferred to Citavi.


As an alternative (and this would also be great!) I should be able to edit directly in the side panel in Citavi, without having to double click, alt double click, etc. In Zotero it is possible to edit directly in the side panel without needing to pop it out, so I don't understand why that is not possible with Citavi.


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Hi Serena,

Thank you for your kind words and your suggestions!

After inserting a knowledge item in Word, the connection to Citavi is lost.

This means that any changes to the text of the knowledge item in Word will not reflect in Citavi or vice versa.

Editing in Citavi:

If you double click a knowledge item, it should open immediately. Is the behaviour slow for all your knowledge items or just some with special formatting like bullet points in the core statement?

Editing in the Citavi Word Add-in:

To edit a knowledge item, please right click it and choose "Edit in Citavi".

Kind regards,


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