Loss of link between References and Citations

Fabian v. shared this question 2 years ago

I opened my document today to find that infront of about 50% of my citations the ?? icon is shown. Similarly the relevant references are not showing the usual V checkmark to indicate that they are cited in the document. I have used the refresh option, checked that I'm using the correct project and tried convert old citavi references (just to see if it did something; these citations where already converted into a Citavi 6 project and appropriate references earlier, and this issue was not apparent at that time).

Is there are any way to fix the link between the citations and references, without manually redoing the citations?

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The problem seems to have been solved, whereas copying in text references to the project via the Citavi Plugin in the Word bar didn't have an effect, somehow clicking on a reference in the citavi pane and going to assign reference and then copy reference to project > copy all missing references to project, did do the trick. Perhaps I resorted to the forum a bit too quick, but hopefully this might help someone else in the future.

Thanks anyway!

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