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David C. shared this question 5 months ago
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Hi All,

I logged a ticket on this and I'm waiting to hear back but thought to see if anyone else had experienced this issue. I'm working on a Citavi 6 Cloud Project between two computers. I use my main computer 80% of the time, but work on my laptop at the library every now and again.

I was working on my laptop yesterday and when I went to categorise new quotes in the knowledge categories I have been using, I noticed that it had wiped several of the names (but not all) for the knowledge categories, and had also reordered them from how they originally appeared on my main computer. In order to keep working, I renamed them with the same names as they originally appeared, but I did not reorder them. To be clear, it did not delete any of the quotes assigned to those categories, just the title of the categories, so rather than saying '1 New quotes (128)' it just now says '1 (128)'.

After two days of working, my project began to say that it couldn't save so I stopped working and returned home. I then discovered that all of my quoted for the last two days have synced between my computers, but none of the knowledge categories have (they all appear as 'no categories). What's worse, my main computer has now wiped the names of different knowledge categories than were originally wiped on my laptop. My laptop, despite not being able to save, has now wiped the same knowledge categories and I think the categories are now in the same order on both laptops.

Has anyone else experienced this problem? There is the side issue of the project not saving, but I can't continue to work if the knowledge categories are going to wipe or reorder themselves periodically.

I'm unsure whether I should attempt to relabel the categories to get the two projects to match up, or whether to just leave things until the Citavi support look at it.

Any help would be appreciated!


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Hello David,

Can you please describe whether the suggested solutions you received in response to your separate e-mail request were successful?