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Tiffany C. shared this idea 3 years ago


I switched to Citavi from Qiqqa and one of the things that was great about their interface that Citavi doesn't seem to allow is that multiple references could be open at once (much as they can when using Adobe Acrobat, they appeared in separate tabs but still had all the research manager functionality). It would be great to see this developed because it can be really cumbersome when trying to put multiple texts in conversation to not have them open simultaneously. And, side note, it'd also be nice to be able to read the pdfs in two-page continuous mode to make the best use of screen space.

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Hi Tiffany,

Thank you four your suggestions.

You can open multiple windows of Citavi at once to display the details of more than just one reference. Please click Window > New window for this project.To view just multiple PDFs at the same time, please open the first PDF in full screen mode:


To open the second PDF in full screen mode, press the Shift key while clicking the full screen button. The PDFs will not open in separate tabs, but windows.

Your suggestion, to add two-page continous mode is already included in our internal wish list for our developers. I have added your vote for it.

Kind regards



Hi Jana,

Ok--thanks. A bit cumbersome but a lot better than what I thought was possible. I appreciate it.



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