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Violeta G. shared this question 3 years ago

I have the add-on that removes all caps from author names, however, I want some to remain all-caps (like APA for American Psychological Association). Is there a way to reconcile this?

PS. Could probably use an add-on to reduce all caps among titles too.

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this is difficult as there is no really good criterion (apart from a more or less complete list) as to what constitutes an acronym that should be left in all uppercase. One way might be to ignore all authors for which no first name is given and whose last name is 4 characters or fewer in length. If this really constitutes a good heuristic approach is far from clear.

With titles the whole thing becomes even more complicated even if only English titles are considered. Just take unclear cases like "MAY" - month, name oder auxiliary verb?

The pragmatic approach is running the Add-on and manually correct the wrongly affected cases in the Lists > Persons list.

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