Is it possible to export all our your Citavi project data?

lukdeer shared this question 12 months ago

Say I wanted to export all of my Citavi project data for use in another file format. I might want to analyse the data in another program or say, the Citavi team/ server/company was wiped out by a meteor and I wanted to be able to export and use my Citavi project data? To be clear, I mean not only references, which can already be exported, but everything, including topics, categories, ideas, project outline etc. Is this possible and if so what format does it export to? A related question is what file format is Citavi data stored/saved in?

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yes it's possible.

Local Citavi projects are SQLite databases that can be read with any SQLite software, e.g. SQLite Expert. You can always create a local copy of a cloud project in that format. You can also create an XML dump of the database by clicking File > This project > Create backup. This will create a file with the extension ctv6bak in the backup folder (usually Documents\Citavi 6\Backup\[Project Name]\). This is a zipped XML version of the project. You can unzip it and view the result in any XML editor.

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Excellent, thanks for detailed reply Sebastian.