How to insert references as Name (Year)?

Violeta G. shared this question 4 years ago

How do I make in-text citations that include the Name (year) and that stay this way without reverting to (Name, year)?

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In the Word Add-In, please select the reference or knowledge item and click Insert Advanced.

Instead of the standard formatting (Miller 2013) you will see the following quick insert options:

  • Clicking (Person) results in (Miller)
  • Clicking (Year) results in (2013)
  • Clicking Person (Year) results in Miller (2013). You can enter additional text between the author and the date fields.

In addition to the quick insert options, you can also insert a reference with other formatting. Year only, Person only and Person (Year) are the same as the quick insert options. They can also be combined with the option No parentheses.

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