How to fix the false formation in citation and references?

Marc L. shared this question 2 years ago


I'm writing my thesis in the APA6 format, however, some citations and references in the bibliography are always wrong and I don't know how to fix them.

Every time I manually fixed them in the text, they were changed to default (the false) when it refreshed. false instances are, e.g.:

... musical instrument (Ralf T. Krampe & Ericsson, 1996).


Ericsson, K. A. [K. Anders], Krampe, R. T. [Ralf T.], & Tesch-Römer, C. (1993). The role of deliberate practice in the acquisition of expert performance. Psychological Review, 100(3), 363–406.

You see that the parts involving the names are always wrong. So what should I do to fix them once and for all? It is realllly annoying!

Thank you very much for any helpful information!

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Hello Marc

Thanks for the test document.

In your bibliography the author "Krampe" appears with full first names, because you quote the author in two different spellings. This corresponds to the APA-6 rule that first names must be spelled out if two persons have the same surname and the same first name initial:


If you merge the two name variants, the first names disappear in the bibliography.



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