How to avoid duplicate import with Picker?

Alex D. shared this question 3 years ago
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Hello, I'm using the latest version Citavi 6.3.15, and the Picker with Chrome. I found it's annoying that I have to check manually whether Picker imports a duplicate document. Is it possible that the Picker automatically tells me whether the document I'm going to import exists or not in my project?


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Dear Alex,

Thank you for your message.

A green checkmark in the Picker icon should indicate that the reference with the same ID (ISBN, DOI etc.) is already in your project:


Could you plase let me know the version number of your Picker installation in Chrome?

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Hello Jana,

Yes, the green checkmark works fine on my laptop.

But, on some webpage like nature publication( (, google scholar "my library" page (,5), there is no DOI link inside the webpage.

How to avoid duplicate import in that kind of situation?

I think if Picker could give any hint on whether the document already in my project or not, when I click the small icon on the toolbar of chrome, that may be very helpful. But actually there is no any this kind of sign as shown in my uploaded screen shoot.

and the Picker version is Version: 2020.1.24.12.



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Hello Alex,

Thank you for your examples and your screenshot.

Citavi can only check for duplicates during the import if you use an identifier like DOI for the import (by clicking on the Citavi Picker icon behind it).

Please scroll down to the bottom of the nature article website. There you will find its DOI.

For the other import options, Citavi does not use an identifier but the export options provided by the website (e.g. for Google Scholar) or the metadata embedded in the website.

As no identifier is available for Citavi to check if this ID is already in your project, please check for duplicates later after the import.

Kind regards,


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