How do I make a bilingual style?

Amir S. shared this question 23 months ago

I need my citation style to change according to language, for example when I have two authors of a Hebrew publication the "and" would change to "ו" and change the direction for LTR to RTL.

It is possible to change the whole reference style, but changing the whole style would create the same problem but with the English citations.

Is it possible to use the options (the format using option "1", "2", "3") for this? if so, how do I edit the style and change the options?

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Hi Amir,

You can create a special rule set in your citation style that is used whenever there is a specific or missing entry in the "Language" field of a reference.

I assume that you have English and Hebrew publications in your project. Every English reference needs to have "Engl" (or "en" or "eng") in the "Language" field.

In my example (video) my default template is for English publications. In the video I'm creating a template for literature that is not written in English.

Unfortunately, Citavi does not support RTL languages, though.




Are there any plans for citavi to support RTL languages?From what I could see all that is necessary is for the punctuation marks and numbers to be able to be formatted as RTL.




currently RTL languages aren't officially supported. Theoretically, it should be possible to create custom templates in the citation style editor matching on references in RTL languages for which the order of the individual components is reversed. We haven't tried this though, and there are currently no plans of adding such citation styles in the near future.

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