How can I recognize the item without PDF?

Guoyi Z. shared this question 2 years ago
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Hello, I found that I insert several PDF using the excel, but some local without PDF, but, all items with lines show attachment symbol, how can I recognize the items without PDF? By the way, if I attach files using the line format, how can I move them to Citavi folder?

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Hello Guoyi,

Thank you for your questions.

1) To find the references without PDF attached, please use the advanced search in the field "Locations (electronic)" and search for "pdf". Apply your search results as selection and invert your selection (see screenshot 4).

2) Do you mean with "line format" that you have linked the file saved on your computer to the reference? To move the linked file to the Citavi Attachments folder, on the Reference tab, please click the gear icon on the bottom and choose "Move files into the Citavi project".

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