How can I change the reference language and the font?

Marta shared this question 10 months ago
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Hi there!

** If the question has been answered before, please just excuse me and send me the link with the solution :) **

I'm currently writing my thesis in Italian, I'm quoting using the Oxford quotation style. How can I change the quotation's language setting so that instead of an "and" between two authors' names I get an "e" (Italian conjunction) while writing on Word? I still want to use the Oxford style, just in Italian!

Moreover, I would like to ask how can I change the front of the bibliography.

My details: Windows 10, Citavi version, Word latest version with Citavi-plugin

thanks a lot for your help!

best regards Marta

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Hello Marta

Please choose either an Italian style ...


or translate your current citation style into Italian.

Kind regards,