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I'm not entirely sure how to formulate this, but here we go:

I would like to use Gingko as my writing tool. There is no integration with Citavi. I had this idea that if I could just copy the knowledge item, either from Citavi or from Word, and get the reference, the actual pointer, to be fully spelt out when I pasted it in Gingko, then perhaps when I exported from Gingko to Word for final write-up I could get Citavi to recognise the it again if that makes sense. So it would be pasted in my writing app as plain text, and when I export to Word I'd want to be able to convert these references to a Citavi field or something along those lines.

So workflow along these lines:

- Create knowledge item in Citavi

- Copy knowledge item including reference

- Paste into Gingko

- Write text almost entirely complete in Gingko

- Export text to Word for final checking and manuscript creation

- When opening in Word, have Citavi recognise my references as references in Citavi - even if that means clicking on each one to link it again somehow.

Difficult to explain, but does anyone understand what I mean, and have any ideas? :)

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Hi Elin,

Thank you very much for your question.

Currently, you could copy and paste the formatted knowledge item with the formatted reference.

Therefore, copy it in the knowledge organizer and paste it in Gingko.

The reference will be also copied the way it would appear in the bibliography which you could delete.

In Citavi, label the references you have inserted in Gingko.

After you have finished your work in Gingko, export to Word or any other word processor.

Create a bibliography in Citavi with the labeled references and paste it in your document.

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If I understand this correctly though, this would give me and end result of the references in Word simply as plaintext. What I then fail to achieve, is the ability to edit the document in Word - i.e. make changes in references that are synced to Citavi, or, for instance, change citation style? (So, say I've written an article in Gingko, and I want to send it to Journal X and they use MLA, and they reject, and I then want to export it to Word again and use Chicago, this won't work. )

I can see how it would be the best workaround possible though - I get references and a bibliography.

Thanks again.



Theoretically, that would be possible, but not trivial. One would need to analyse the content/syntax of the Citavi fields in Word. They used to be and probably still are simply base64-encoded XML entitities. One could then write a Citavi macro that reproduces the functionality of that (i.e. that can copy such a base64-encoded XML entity to the clipboard, wrapped in some form of tag such as ), then have a macro in Word that looks for strings wrapped in such tags, and then creates a protected field with the corresponding content. Theoretically, it is possible. Practically, I think that is too much effort. Plus, the resulting references would not be humanly readable in Gingko.

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